It’s been a while… In the meantime, we prepared ourselves and then—finally!—saw it: The Force Awakens.

And Max became Internet-famous: Der Flounder: Downloading installer packages from the Mac App Store with AppStoreExtract.

Since I’m still traveling, I’ll have to keep it short, but I did want to specifically mention Quiver, because it can import Evernote ENEX files, even those consisting of multiple notes. Yes, you’ll lose the OCR and some formatting, but at least you get to reuse your content in an open format. See also the MacStories review.

A few notes from the past two months:

So, next week then, in a different time zone, and in apparently very different weather, we’ll meet at Gloria on Thursday, 21 January 2015, from 18:45 for the [MacSysAdmin] Bier #49.


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