Limits on Joins

Yup, it’s totally embarrasing that I haven’t posted anything here since August last year. What, however, is not embarrasing at all is that we now enter our sixth year of get-togethers—or meetups, as the young’uns say—that our events are well-attended by a great group of people, that this happens regardless of my ability to send out little reminders, and that there was a spontaneous 12th meeting last year in December.

So let me at least post the dates for 2017, available at CalendarTree (or on Google Calendar). And then we’ll meet again on Thursday, 19 January 2017, from 18:45, as always at Gloria, for the [MacSysAdmin] Bier #61. In-between you can find many of us in the MacAdmins Slack, often in the #switzerland channel.