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It’s always thankless to write something knowing the big event is coming up. Helpfully, Apple decided to try “doing something a little different this year”. See The New App Store: Subscription Pricing, Faster Approvals, and Search Ads; App Store Subscription Uncertainty; and FAQ: How Apple’s new App Store subscriptions affect you (among, you know, the rest of the Internet). And, apparently, macOS and, cautiously hopeful, no more oh-es-ex. Right.

Then again, we can always return to the perennial favorite, security. And two-factor authentication: “I was hacked today: my Twitter account, two email addresses, & my phone. It was not due to passwords, they hacked my phone account itself.” See also How activist DeRay Mckesson’s Twitter account was hacked (via Daring Fireball).—And I’m sure all our Swiss telcos will swear that can’t possibly ever happen with them…

There was also some confusion around TeamViewer: Upset users, first accusatory, then apologetic company; see also: A Letter To TeamViewer Users On The Recent Cyber Attacks.—A lot seems to go back to these mega-dumps: Seven Hundred Million (via Michael Tsai) or Cluster of “megabreaches” compromises a whopping 642 million passwords. If you trust Troy Hunt, you can check your username or email address on ’;–have i been pwned?—yes, my LinkedIn account is listed, but I’ve changed that password, like, four times this year alone…—This should therefore not surprise: “Security and privacy risks causing so many to avoid online activities should be a wake-up call for the entire field”, which links to Lack of Trust in Internet Privacy and Security May Deter Economic and Other Online Activities—if your business relies on the Internet, do you have a plan?

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