Always remember Ray:

I mean look at Gmail. What is it that makes a private company think they can run an email service more cheaply, more reliably, and more securely than Google? People say, “Yeah, but that means our mail is in the cloud. We need to know where our data is?” Really? Why. For security reasons? What do you think is more secure—Google’s servers and datacenters or your office? People say, “But Google doesn’t have an SLA!” Um, yeah, that’s because they’re Google. They don’t need an SLA. When Gmail is down it’s in the news, and they have about 100x more people than you have all scrambling to fix the problem. (And many of them are the people who wrote the email product!) When your email goes down, you have Ray, your Exchange-certified sysadmin who you’ve paged several times.

Not quite two centuries, but, still, “take a hint”.

The screen of the 13" MacBook Pro now ships without a keyboard, but with a lot more pixels:

As Gruber points out, the performance is impressive: “But at a fundamental level — CPU speed, GPU speed, quality of the display, quality of the sound output, and overall responsiveness of interface — the iPad Pro is a better computer than a MacBook or MacBook Air, and a worthy rival to the far more expensive MacBook Pros.” Cf. “On Apple’s Insurmountable Platform Advantage”.

In general, though, Apple’s become so open as to be almost chatty:

And there still are keyboards, don’t worry: Apple Magic Keyboard Review. Even if some aren’t shipping just yet…

On the plus side, there was the JNUC and the IBM session in particular got everybody’s panties in a twist about Apple’s Enterprise Connect. And those numbers went far and wide: Daring Fireball: Only 5 Percent of Mac Users at IBM Need Help Desk Support, Compared to 40 Percent of PC Users. And Fortune, and Business Insider and again, and Heise.

On the other side, No One [seems to be] Minding the Store—a great collection of quotes & articles by Michael Tsai on that insane clusterfuck. Paul Haddad: “Well that would explain the MAS problem.” Dan Loewenherz: “Every app downloaded from the Mac App Store stopped working because Apple let their root signing certificate expire.”—Didn’t we just collectively laugh at Google, mere months ago?

I’ve mentioned Evernote’s troubles last month already, but now there’s somewhat of an exodus:

Not sure I want to move from one closed silo to another (, but it seems prudent to start considering alternatives…

And then there was the movie: Mossberg: The Steve Jobs I knew isn’t in this movie. And “This isn’t The Steve Jobs Story”. And I leave it to all to figure out on their own why it’s called Steve Jobs

Politics, of one kind:

And of a different kind: “.@MacUpdate any particular reason you’re throwing away your good name by lying to folks that they’re downloading legit installers?”. Follow up: Has MacUpdate fallen to the adware plague?.

And a third: Helping my students overcome command-line bullshittery vs. On the Value of Command-Line “Bullshittery”.

Quite the opposite: Max has published his “AppStore Extractor Script” on GitHub. Thank you!

Various encounters:

Thank you, VMware! Workaround for changing Mac OS X VM display resolution in vSphere & Fusion. As William says, you gotta ask VMware support for it and reference PR 1385761.

If you see me standing in front of Gloria, screaming “Shibboleet” into my phone, here’s why. But come inside on Thursday, 19 November 2015 from 18:45 for the [MacSysAdmin] Bier #47.

Nämli, eMeneM.

PS: It’s been November for a while, so isn’t it time for 2016 dates, you ask? But, of course: CalendarTree, Google Calendar.

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