Archiv für den Monat: Februar 2016


I think we all agree the big news was Hoefler & Co. releasing Operator: Rands likes it, Gruber likes it, of course I bought it. Turns out, Hoefler & Co. fonts generally—so says their support—do not include the glyphs for delta (0x2206) and not sign (0x00AC), which Bare Bones’ BBEdit (and, I guess, TextWrangler) uses for displaying usually invisible tab and carriage return. So, so sad.

In other news: Adobe launches major new PR campaign for Apple’s app sandboxing technology, according to Daniel Jalkut. See also: Warning: Bug in Adobe Creative Cloud deletes Mac user data without warning.

No time for more, because still in London, post, but come join us for the 50th (!) [MacSysAdmin] Bier on Thursday, 18 February 2016, from 18:45, at Gloria, and let Michael and special guest Balz tell you all about the pub conference…

Update: By popular demand, we are meeting at 18:45 at The Butcher (Heinrichstrasse 239) for a quick bite, then at 19:45 at the gallery for the performance.