Atomic Clock

So, WWDC brought us the macOS (10.12) Sierra preview, relieves us from remembering that “X” is really ’ten’—and the next version of that other OS won’t be “iOS X”, but “iOS 10”—and returns us, name-, but not spelling-wise, to where we left off in 2001; underneath, it’s Darwin 16. Aside from Siri? Apple File System, or at least the beginnings of it:

Also announced and almost practically relevant: Apple Pay for Switzerland. And ridiculous, ridiculous reactions and reporting. For now, this seems like a usable overview: Welche Schweizer Kreditkarte für Apple Pay?, pointing to the Swiss Bankers MasterCard Prepaid and the Simply VISA Card. A curious article, “Viele Kreditkarten schluckt das iPhone nicht: Mit diesem Trick funktioniert Apple Pay trotzdem”, points to boon by wirecard, which should supposedly virtualize any creditcard and make it available to Apple Pay; we shall see. I’ll wait for the end of July: “Für Cornèrcard Miles & More Karten steht Apple Pay ab Ende Juli zur Verfügung.

By now almost ¯\_(ツ)_/¯: Security:

Admin & apps:

Anyone who acts like IT security isn’t a people-person job is full of shit. Machine-level solutions only fix machine-level problems.”—“So. Fucking. Important. We are in customer service.”

And feel free to ask me how I feel about Adobe—though, in fairness, they responded quickly in those cases—when we meet at Gloria on Thursday, 21 July 2016, from 18:45, at the [MacSysAdmin] Bier #55. But not before you enjoy the Rogue One teaser reel.