MacSysAdmin 2012 [Nicht Bier.]

Tycho Sjögren, Organisator der Nicht-(nur)-Bier MacSysAdmin, informiert grad über die diesjährige Konferenz:

[P]resently we are working hard with the program for the upcoming MacSysAdmin 2012 and would like to give you a sneak preview of what you can expect to come.

The conference will take place in Göteborg, Sweden during September 11 – 14. Yes, thats right – 4 days. Well, actually it’ll be 3½ days as we plan to begin the first day at 13.00. We have so much good stuff to cover that it simply couldn’t be squeezed into 3 days.

Other news is that we plan to shorten the sessions from 75 minutes to 50 minutes. In that way we will be able to cover more subjects.

We already have 11 world class speakers signed up so far – and yet more to come. You will recognize many of them from previous years with some great new extensions: Alan Gordon, Andrew Renz, Andrina Kelly, Arek Dreyer, Charles Edge, Duncan McCracken, Ed Marczak, Greg Neagle, Rick Wylie, Tim Perfitt, and Zack Smith.

Among the topics we plan to cover you’ll find:

Profiles, OpenDirectory, Backup, Logs, Certificats, IPv6, iOS mass deployment, Casper Suite, WiFi, Munki, migration to Linux, Windows servers and other stuff that we still are working on.

Our goal is to have the web site up and running i April. So stay tuned – and prepare your boss!

Wenn ich’s einrichten kann, werde ich wieder dort sein…

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