Live Human Body

I spent the last days of 2014 and the first days of 2015 in bed. And not voluntarily. In that spirit:

Crap: Screen Sharing allows requests from Everyone by default. Crap: iCloud Uploads Local Data Outside of iCloud Drive. Crap: Mac App Store: The Subtle Exodus. Crap: Faster Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Upgrades for Developers. Crap: RAM in the new Mac mini; cf. A look at the 2014 Mac mini; then again, your “old” quad-core Mac mini’s now worth more. Crap: iOS: Troubleshooting Personal Hotspot: “You can’t share your cellular data connection with another iPhone using Bluetooth.”—Why I use a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos; not even remotely funny. Crap: Ars was briefly hacked yesterday. Crap: My Fiber7 Internet connection; still stuck; with Swisscom; but this works: @fiber7_ch Asus RT-AC68U […] geht Doch. NAT Acceleration unter LAN auf AUTO !!. Crap: Apple has lost the functional high ground; and Apple’s Software Quality, Continued. Crap: World’s first (known) bootkit for OS X can permanently backdoor Macs.

And I’m not even gonna start talking about what else is going on in the world.

Then again, THERE HAS BEEN AN AWAKENING. And 😀. So [t]he World Is Not Falling Apart. And we’re in the future. And we get amazing things (and I don’t mean you know what). Also, the force awakens, if I forgot to mention that…

Also new this year: Our calendar on CalendarTree. Because how could you not use a service by Scott Adams. So, come, join me: [MacSysAdmin] Bier 2015. (Of course, our Google calendar remains, for now.)

What else:

And when Andrei gets to sort out his Power Macs and non-nuclear Mac Pros, we’ll build benches.

So, two things:

Es guets Nois, M&M

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