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I don’t want to brag or anything, but my mobile penalty just increased massively: Since last night, I am, finally, on Fiber7. Sweet, sweet Gigabit, every second… And bye-bye Universal Product Code Cable Company.

The dates for MacSysAdmin 2015 have been announced: 29 Sep – 2 Oct 2015. Now monitoring for the registration to come online… Göteborg, here we come!

Almost, almost bought a ticket for Úll, too, but instead put it on the “really wanna” pile for next year. More: TidBITS: 24 Conferences for Mac and iOS Professionals in 2015.

I’m working on a better way for these links and it’ll likely involve OneTab, but for now, still, like that:

So, then Microsoft bought Acompli and rereleased it as “Outlook” and promptly scared the living daylights out of the collective Exchange community (and, apparently, “IBM Notes Traveler” admins): Warning – Microsofts Outlook app for iOS breaks your company security. Should have listened to the people who told you never to let those Apple toys in the door…

Of course, Apple’s now sold over 1 billion of those “toys”: MacStories: Apple Q1 2015 Results. It might be a bit late now…—The “slight” dip in CHF-EUR and CHF-USD rates and the lull in Apple’s stock price made mid-January the ideal moment to replenish the stock.

And as we finish our move to Google Apps for Work, Amazon releases Amazon WorkMail. Never bored…

Finally, on our “home” front:

Now, you can and should come to the [MacSysAdmin] Bier #38 on Thursday, 19 Feb 2015 at 18:45 at Gloria, but if you knew of and didn’t tell me about Dispatch’s “View Source” action, I’m not sure we can stay friends…

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