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No, nothing on “Enhanced SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1” & Type-C—although I’d like to remind all the port complainers of all the times they tried to explain which plug goes into which socket over the phone—and nothing on the Apple Watch—even though 40 lies between 38 and 42. Go find a newspaper and pay them for their rant.

Since “serious” journalism, as the Tages-Anzeiger argues, can’t properly explain privacy issues on the Internet, maybe we need one of the 266 to become the Swiss Snowden and explain what happens to Swiss Dick Pics if the secret service’s fantasies become reality.

Or since nobody else will: Millennials say keeping up with the news is important to them — but good luck getting them to pay for it (via @moorehn):

“I don’t think you should pay for news,” Eric, a 22-year-old Chicagoan, said. “That’s something everybody should be informed in. Like, you’re going to charge me for information that’s going on around the world?” And then there’s 19-year-old Sam from San Francisco: “I really wouldn’t pay for any type of news because as a citizen it’s my right to know the news.”



[Deep breath.]

[I admit there is a certain, somewhat twisted logic in your government sifting through the Internet, on your dime, and your kiddies demanding news as a governement service… Also see: A Teenager’s View on Social Media.]

Leaving the paper economy, Slack is making ever wider rounds… Another longish article in the New York Times and as part of a wider view on messaging in the Economist, which also mentions Cisco Spark and IBM Verse; you must be doing something right if those guys are copying you…

I’ve always kinda liked Apple—and even been called “fanboi” on occasion—but I really like the new Apple, with more stories about their staff—recently Tim Cook or Jony Ive—and them even speaking up and out. Yes, Steve was Steve, but Tim seems to be becoming Tim just fine…

[PS: That other company seems to be trying something new as well: “Opening Windows”.—And kudos to the Economist on that title.]

Ok, final note on paper for today: Das Wiesbadener Urteil zum Scannen. Read the comments!

Speaking of old tech: I just sent this to Swisscard about their stupid cardservice app (pasting disabled): Agile Blog: An open letter to banks.


While we wait for Tycho and before I return to Rome—yes, again—let’s have a beer. On Thursday, 16 Apr 2015. At 18:45. At, you guessed it, Gloria.


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